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tramps like us

baby we were born to run

Cue the pulse to begin
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About Me

` This is the writing livejournal for Ivy-sama, that is replacing princeivy. Any Real Life posts will now be made here as well.

icon journal: youandicons
Zoro RP journal: demon_cutter
One Piece icon contest: op20in20
Zoro & Sanji kink meme: zosan_kinkmeme

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"Galinda seemed to give up. She leaned her head back on the velvet cushions of the swing and said, "Boq, you know despite myself I think you're a little sweet. You're a little sweet and you're a little charming and you're a little maddening and you're a little habit forming". Boq held his breath. "But you're little!" she concluded. "You're a Munchkin, for god's sake!" He kissed her, he kissed her, her kissed her, little by little by little." - Wicked, Gregory Maguire

"I'll stuff you with misery till it comes out of your eyes. I'll change your heart into green grass, and all you love into a sheep. I'll turn you into a bad poet with dreams. I'll set all your toenails growing inward, you mess with me." - Schmendrick, Peter S. Beagle's The Last Unicorn

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